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Today's networks are becoming increasingly complex.  No longer is being online as simple as just hosting your website and email services.  Support for critical applications upon which businesses rely on have created unparalleled demands for network performance and availability.
Our Network Assessment service will help you ensure that your network is operating at peak efficiency and ready to support your business requirements.  The result of our assessment includes prioritised recommendations for remediation of issues and improvements.  We utilize industry best practices and proven methodology to ensure that your business has a robust but cost-effective network infrastructure.
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Thorough evaluation of your organisation's existing network and system technical architecture vis-a-vis business objectives and requirements.

Assessment of the current level of performance and reliability of your critical network and systems.  We also assess any planned upgrades and/or roll-out of new services and systems that will make use of your network infrastructure.

Interviews with key management and staff members to gain a clear picture of current network operations, business requirements, and challenges and issues.

Detailed documentation/report with prioritised recommendations and road map of remediation plan to achieve a cost-effective, right-sized robust network infrastructure.

Presentation of assessment results and findings in both management and technical terms.

End to end methodology.  A typical high-level outline will cover the following:
  • Review of business requirements and goals.
  • Review of network/system architecture, design and technologies
  • Review of relevant documentation
  • Risk identification
  • Performance and capacity planning/analysis
  • Reliability analysis
  • Design and technology option analysis
  • Report and briefing
For more information or more detailed outline specifically suited to your organisation, please feel free to send us an email or leave us a note via our Contact-Us page.

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We provide a variety of I.T. and security consulting services to a variety of markets.  Our vendor independent status means we focus on understanding your needs and helping you piece IT together with enduring solutions.

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Our security assessment services aims to address a wide range of security concerns, from your entire security framework to smaller, tactical concerns.

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Trying to decide if your network is ready for converged voice and data communications?  We can help you assess your network's readiness and outline steps to address any gaps.

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