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MOBILIANCE is an  independent information technology and security consulting firm which partners with organisations to solve their toughest I.T. problems and issues.
We offer services to:
  • evaluate and understand your business needs;
  • recommend ways to enhance how technology, people and processes fits into your business;
  • integrate new and existing technology;
  • maintain your technology investments; and
  • help you preserve these investments to carry your business into the future.

Vulnerability Alerts

SecurityFocus Vulnerabilities

Vuln: Node.js qs Module Denial of Service Vulnerability

Node.js qs Module Denial of Service Vulnerability

Vuln: systemd-shim Local Denial of Service Vulnerability

systemd-shim Local Denial of Service Vulnerability

Vuln: Microsoft Windows CVE-2014-6352 OLE Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Microsoft Windows CVE-2014-6352 OLE Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Vuln: GNU glibc '__gconv_translit_find()' Function Local Heap Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

GNU glibc '__gconv_translit_find()' Function Local Heap Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

Bugtraq: [ MDVSA-2014:209 ] java-1.7.0-openjdk

[ MDVSA-2014:209 ] java-1.7.0-openjdk

Bugtraq: [ MDVSA-2014:208 ] phpmyadmin

[ MDVSA-2014:208 ] phpmyadmin

Bugtraq: [ MDVSA-2014:207 ] ejabberd

[ MDVSA-2014:207 ] ejabberd

Bugtraq: [ MDVSA-2014:206 ] ctags

[ MDVSA-2014:206 ] ctags

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Today's organisations and businesses are faced with increasingly complex security concerns based on industry compliance requirements, customer demands for security measures and the ever growing number of security threats.  Equally adept at handling SMEs and large businesses, our expertise helps customers implement and assess their I.T. infrastructure and associated controls, thereby allowing the organisation to focus on its business objectives.
Security Assurance  Services
Information Security Assessment
Security Architecture Design and Review
Security Policy Design, Review & Documention
Vulnerability Assessment and/or Penetration Testing
I.T. Business Continuity and Contigency Readines Review
I.T. Risk Management and Threat Assessments
Information Security Management
Our information security assessment service undertakes a security posture review of your business.  Our assessment service reveal to our clients the potential weaknesses in their I.T. infrastructure and where they are vulnerable.  We provide a detailed report of our findings together with prioritised, risk-based recommendations on how to improve the overall security posture of the organisation's network and systems.

Our assessment methodology will typically include a combination of business requirements analysis; network / system security architecture and configuration assessments; and revie of the IT governance framework.  

Not in need of a security assessment service but have other issues?  Not a problem -- we also provide our expertise to address other I.T. requirements.  Our suite of consulting and related services include:
  • Network Architecture Design and Review
  • System Architecture Design and Review (including consolidation)
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning and Review
  • Software Development and Maintenance

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